Fujitsu Imaging Channel Program

The Imaging Opportunity

As leaders in the imaging market, we identify the business trends and industry drivers that create new opportunities for our partners.

By joining the Imaging Channel Program, you will gain the insight, expertise and access to resources you need to embrace today's new market dynamics and capitalise on the resulting business opportunities.

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Help your customers solve real business problems

Business processes are in transition and the new landscape that is emerging offers you numerous possibilities.

As businesses strive to adopt new working practices to achieve improved collaboration, enable mobility and reduce paper in the office, we'll show you how you can help them succeed.

Helping your business grow

The erosion of margins and the shift of IT infrastructure to the cloud mean that selling traditional hardware technologies and solutions is no longer a sustainable model.

With the market full of standard imaging solutions, we’ll show you how delivering new applications – and complementing existing mobile and collaboration solutions – can drive your growth, margin and differentiation.

Helping you adapt to rapid market changes

We understand the pressures you face. We'll help you turn these pressures into profits.

  • We enable resource-constrained partners to meet the challenges of new technologies and applications, including collaboration, document management, mobility and the cloud.
  • As your customers' decision-making processes evolve from IT to functional business roles, we'll enable you to engage in relevant conversations around business issues.
  • We'll ensure you understand changing market dynamics, business models and buyer behaviours – helping you stay competitive by adopting new approaches to finding and winning business.
  • By giving you access to a thriving partner eco-system, we’ll enable you to deliver the breadth of imaging solutions your customers demand.

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